Would you give your kids this?

If I asked you to give your kids a hot, steamy mug of chemicals every day would you? If I took the chemicals found in many of our breakfast foods, snacks and meals and put them all together in one mug, would your family drink it? Do I really need to even ask?! You would tell me to go fly a kite... and that is putting it nicely.

Now, what if I told you this liquid they would be ingesting will damage their thyroid, cause fat to pile up around their vital organs, raise their risk of cancer, gut health problems, childhood obesity and diabetes, eventual heart disease, increase inflammation, stop their brain from getting the appropriate signals to tell them when they are full, possibly disrupt their normal behavior and thinking, give them belly pain, expose them to a lifelong battle with autoimmune issues and possibly make your children infertile as adults so no grand-babies for you one day!

Does this still not sound enticing? You don't think this would give your the Parent of the Year Award? Gee really, why not? You mean not only do you NOT want them to drink this, but you also DON'T want to PAY ME for your ability to give this to them? I sound ludicrous right now, don't I? But when you take a look at the ingredients from the products we are going out and purchasing off the store shelves, at restaurants and from the drive through lines each day we are doing exactly this!

We are willingly paying for a load of health altering chemicals to put into our bodies and our precious children's bodies. We are doing it to our children who are way too young to make their own educated decisions about their health. It is our responsibility to set them up for success in all areas of life and that has to start with their well-being. We teach them not to run with scissors, not to touch a hot stove, to not play near traffic, to not talk to strangers, but why aren't we educating them on what is good to put INTO their body every day?

While I believe we need to start putting our foot (and wallets) down when it comes to food manufacturers and suppliers to demand more transparency in their ingredients, sources and process, but we also must take some accountability onto ourselves. We need to know what is toxic, what is harmful and how to avoid these pitfalls.

Start by beefing up your intake of grass-fed meats, eggs, poultry, fresh vegetables and fruits, raw nuts, seeds etc. Instead of loading up on chemical laden bags, boxes and cans of packaged and manufactured goods. We need to get away from factory raised animals and get back to pastures with happy animals grazing on their natural diet. We need to stop pumping our children full of artificial colors, hydrogenated oil, soy derivates, vegetable oils and all the other hundreds of chemicals that I will never understand how they are approved for human consumption in the US. We boast that we are such an advanced society, but we are foolish in allowing big business to poison us. We think we are clever with our highly available convenience foods, but instead we are digging ourselves a faster grave.

We have also turned to grazing and snacking all day, where the average American eats more than 5 times a day. Now when in history did humans spend all day eating? We haven't...until now! We used to have to hunt and gather our food. We expended lots of energy to earn our food and we ate very few meals per day. We also ate real food from the earth and from free roaming animals. Take a listen below, I hope that it makes you evaluate your own eating choices and patterns. Click play to listen below

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