Siri's Workshop Adventure

December 12, 2018


This is the story of an Elf who is told that this year she won't be visiting her assigned child and instead has to stay in the North Pole and help prepare for Christmas. But each workshop she attempts to help at, issues arise that discourage her, but will she prevail? It is a story of determination and kindness. 


Yes, our Elf on the Shelf is named Siri... as in iPhone "Siri". When Makayla was three she thought Siri was someone magic who lived in my phone that I could ask questions to, so when it came to be name your Elf time, she happily named hers Siri. Fast forward three years and we still have Elf magic in our house.


Makayla has been on a make your own book kick lately, so we upped our game tonight by including Siri, creating a storyboard then staging and taking photos and elaborating a bit more on her typical story.  I then uploaded the images and created a full blown digital book (ok...PDF really) for her to share. Makayla created the story concept and each workshop idea within the book. I helped her pull the story together a bit to make complete sentences. She helped stage the scenes as long as she was careful not to touch her elf, so it wouldn't lose its magic. We of course asked Siri's permission first before I was allowed to more her around. 


We hope you download the story and enjoy reading it with your little believers! Happy Holidays!!! 

DOWNLOAD HERE (or click image above)






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