Today, more than 10,000 chemicals are allowed to be added to food and food contact materials in the United States.

Did you know that food manufacturers still use plant-based colorings in some countries? For example, in the United Kingdom Fanta orange soda is colored with pumpkin and carrot extracts while the U.S. version uses Red 40 and Yellow 6. McDonald’s strawberry sundaes are colored only with strawberries in Britain, but Red 40 is used in the United States. According to the Council on Environmental Health (read full article), "Children may be particularly susceptible to the effects of these compounds, given that they have higher relative exposures compared with adults (because of greater dietary intake per pound), their metabolic (ie, detoxification) systems are still developing, and key organ systems are undergoing substantial changes and maturation that are vulnerable to disruptions" Why are we OK with being poisoned while other countries demand better for their civilians? In a country where we pat ourselves on the back for being ahead of the pack in so many industries, we are sorely losing the health game. It is baffling that we don't make the connection with what we put in our bodies and our children'sbodies with our rapidly declining physical and mental states. It is pure science...we weren't meant to ingest chemicals and still remain healthy, high functioning, long living human beings. Childhood obesity and mental and behavioral issues are on the rise. Yet, the FDA still does not require manufacturers to test dyes for developmental neurotoxicity, even though many studies are showing a link to the harmful effects of dyes on the brain! Thousands of chemicals are used in our "food supply" and most of them are in foods that are targeted to children - cereals, cookies, breakfast bars, Lunchables, candy and snack foods. According to the CDC, prevalence of obesity by gender are as follows: 13.9% among 2 to 5 year olds 18.4% among 6 to 11 year olds 20.6% among 12 to 19 year olds Our children have no clue, they are busy being kids, but as parents, teachers and coaches having influence on children it is our duty to TEACH them, LEAD THEM by EXAMPLE and GIVE THEM HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES.

We also need to exercise the word "NO" and followthrough. Giving in to these "temptations" and what I call "food laziness" (we don't want to seek alternatives because it may take more effort or require budgeting more) isn't setting our children up for success short or long term, same goes for us. Check back here often for alternative recipes and info to help your kiddos learn to be healthy!

Visit for more recipes and nutritional education programs so you can start leading by example.

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