Pumpkin Pickin' Kids Fitness Challenge

October 24, 2018



Getting active as a family is a great way to establish holiday traditions. Why not start a Halloween Fitness Challenge?! Every day through October 31st take just 6 minutes to do this fun, athletic challenge that gets the blood pumpin', muscles movin' and the kids having a good time with fitness! 
(No equipment needed!)
Here is how it works (For the adult version click here)
1. Print the Pumpkin Pickin’ Exercise Sheet here
2. Review each exercise with this quick demo video by Makayla (who just turned 6 on October 18)
3. Cut out the exercises in strips
4. Place the paper strips into a plastic pumpkin (can get one at the Dollar Store/Dollar Tree or Target for $1) or trick or treat bag ($1-$3 for a cheap one)
5. Set a timer to 6 minutes for your child
6.Have them pick their first exercise out the the pumpkin and do the allotted amount of that exercise as quickly as possible while maintaining good (and safe) form.
7. Keep picking exercises until 6 minutes is up!
8. HAVE FUN!!! Join in with them or do the 13 minute adult version with some more advanced moves here)
Use #BrianasPumpkinChallenge to post your pics completing it! 

TIP: For more of a challenge through the papers back in so you have the chance to doing repeat exercises or for older kids who may need to repeat some moves until the 6 minutes runs out. 




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