Blue Unicorn Mug Muffin

If you are wondering why I would make a mug muffin blue then you need to read my newest obessesion confession in my post about Pink Unicorn Yogurt. Superfoods are an incredible and simple way to make fun really attractive to your kiddos and guess what... they are chemical free, dye free and packed with macro and micro nutrients. That is a total win for us mama's who either love to experiment in the kitchen, have picky eaters or are just down right health conscious about our precious little ones as they grow into good humans.

The BLUE UNICORN MUG MUFFIN is a gluten-free, dairy-free (depending on what you spread on top) grain-free way to add fiber and healthy fats while keeping sugar and carbs super low! This will fill bellies without sending anyone into a carb frenzy! Kids have enough things pulling their attention in a million directions these days, the last things they need are artificial dyes to impact their behavior and brain health.

Read more about the detrimental effects of red dye here.

Read more about dyes that effect your child's brain health here.


(Note the Ocean Blend contains: Blue spirulina, Butterfly Pea powder, Coconut, Cinnamon and Ginger.)

DIRECTIONS: In a microwave safe mug combine egg and whisk in blue superfoods powder. Add in dry ingredients and mix well. Smooth the top out. Microwave for a 2 minutes. With an oven mitt on remove the mug. Let sit for a minute. Use knife to separate around the muffin from the cup and turn cup upside down. Muffin should easily fall out. Cut in half and toast in a toaster for an English Muffin texture. Top with favorite spread. We usually use organic cream cheese or grass fed butter. But the options are endless. Plus you can add seasonings and spices to the mug muffin to make it sweet or savory. Enjoy!

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