Pink Unicorn Yogurt

July 10, 2018

Ok I have a confession, I am OBSESSED with the brightly colored food postings on Instagram but really only the ones that DON"T use artificial ingredients to do so! One of my favorites is a talented teen who is JUST 16 years old that goes by the handle Naturally.Jo you have to check him out! He is so stinkin' creative I can't take it! Naturally.Jo has almost a million followers to boot! I can't wait to see if he turns his passion into a big business one day! But in the meantime, he has inspired me to test out Superfoods as a color and nutrient burst in making family meal time more engaging.  






















If I had Naturally.Jo's talent, my kids would find every meal exciting and adventurous. While I don't have her skillset or tons of time to devote to creations, I can however make food a little bit fun and pack in a nutrient punch at the same time. ..and you can too! It's not so hard!


The fastest recipe I have requires two ingredients - Siggi's Triple Cream Skyr (which is Icelandic Yogurt - has more protein than regular yogurt and really creamy! I get it at Publix) and Pink Pitaya Unicorn Powder... hold up...back it up...Pink what from a unicorn? Ok, so this ingredient isn't quite mainstream, yet. I followed the internet rabbit hole from a post from Naturally.Jo on Instagram one day to discover a company called Unicorn SuperFoods who make these brilliant colored powders from superfoods without food dye! I refuse to give my children anything with artificial dye in it. The manufactured dyes have been linked to cancers, hyperactivity and behavioral issues. So if you hand your kid a bowl of lucky charms for breakfast, a bag of gummy bears and fake cheese crackers for snack no wonder they are off the walls before dinner. And I am just addressing the food dye issue, not the gluten, loads of processed carbs and other additives packed in some of those foods! UGH! Moms and dads...we need to learn better so we can DO BETTER by our families.


Read more on the issues with food dye here. 


Now that superfood powders  are more widely available, can we say GAME...CHANGER! Moms, if you have a picky eater at home this could be a life saver! I read about the benefits of each of the powders and immediately ordered their Ocean Blend, Alkalizing Blend and Pink Pitaya. I have been a fan of a variety of green powders for years (like Spirulina, matcha, chlorella) so expanding the color palette makes sense to me. 


It was delivered from the Australian based company (I love Aussie's - total side bar and not relevant to this post...just throwing it in here..never met one I didn't like)  ast night and Makayla was so eager to try it out she ran to the fridge, grabbed a Siggi's vanilla Skyr and cracked open the bright pink powder. Success... it turned the otherwise white yogurt pink, was fun to eat and packed some benefits of the Dragon Fruit it is derived from.


According to Unicorn SuperFoods website the benefits of Pitaya from Dragon Fruit are as follows:


High in fiber, which may assist in controlling blood sugar levels and reducing the risk of heart disease. Fibre also helps to regulate bowel movements, which can help in assisting healthy weight loss.


Rich in antioxidants, which can help to fight off stress and common diseases. It is also rich in Vitamin C which can help protect the immune system, as well as Magnesium to help relax muscles.


Contains essential fatty acids, which may nourish hair, skin and nails. It also may provide a balance to the skin's metabolism by controlling the flow of oils and nourishing collagen (the supporting structure beneath the skin).


Read more benefits of Dragon Fruit from Dr Axe's website here. 



Pink Unicorn Yogurt

  • 1 container vanilla Greek yogurt or Icelandic Skyr

  • 1/4 tsp Pink Pitaya powder

  • Optional: top with toasted coconut, chopped raw almonds/pecans or hemp seeds 



Other FUN Options: you could cut the yogurt in half and make half pink and layer it with another superfood powder like the Alkalizing Blend to make it pink and green or Ocean Blend to make it blue. 


(I do NOT receive a commission from purchases when you click the embedded links..lI simply like the products) 


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