Barbie Doll Rooms from Poster Board

Rainy day plus inspiration from the Instagram and Youtube sensations, a mother-daughter team called "MyfroggyStuff" led Makayla and I on a ride to Michaels Craft store and Walmart. Full disclosure, I tend to hoard craft supplies and anything I think I might one day be able to upcycle into something else so this doll room venture is a mix of old and new supplies.

You will most definitely need lots of hot glue and regular stick glue, crafting paper, paper cutter and scissors and your right brain (creative side)! Inspired by the prints on scrapbooking paper, we came up with 1) an office (very Fixer Upper, Magnolia Home style - Joanna Gaines I hope would be proud!) 2) a living room 3) lofted bedroom 4) Dog shop complete with treats and boarding 5) Bakery (all gluten-free, low sugar items of course! LOL). Today I will cover how we made the office. Stay tuned for the other rooms and decor tutorials

In the Office - we made a desk from wooden rectangles found in a packet at Michaels in the plain wood items section, then hot glued 2 wooden spools together to make each of the 4 legs (using a total of 8 wooden spools). Then I cut distressed print scrapbooking paper to cover the top of the desk and glued that down with an Elmers glue stick (hot glue will make lumps under the paper and prevent it from looking smooth. See images below)

Next we took more small wooden pieces we found at Michaels to make the plant vase (took some weeds from the back patio to give the office some green/nature - this will need replaced every play day). (see image above on top of the desk)

I had the glass corked bottles from a while back from the scrapbooking section of Michaels and Makayla thought to put cotton in the one to give it some detail.

The wooden bench we found on clearance in the model doll section of the craft store. The silver glitter hello was in the scrapbooking section.

The "Love" wall hanging we made by cutting a paper frame down to size and adding distressed crafting paper behind it then glueing the wooden "Love" sign that I had left over from my elopement box announcements, when my hubby and I got married.

We used left over feathers from another project (got the feathers on to make the corner room decoration.

The pink "loft" is a locker shelf from Walmart for under $5.

The Fashion Clothing rack is made from wooden spools, 2 drinking straws, some glitter tape and a piece of cut cardboard from one of many boxes we got delivered lately that I wrapped with textured craft paper and glued down.

The couch was made from two of the wooden slabs in the packet we got the make the desk from Michaels. I then covered each slab in a different fabric and hot glued them to the wood. I then used wooden knobs as the couch feet. I took lollipop sticks and cut them down and rolled then with fabric to make the "arms" of the couch. Pillows are a cotton ball covered with fabric and again with the hot glue... to secure the fabric in the back of the cushion.

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