What is Nutritionally Knocked Up?

I am so happy to announce we are expecting baby girl #2 in 2018! Being pregnant at any age takes a toll on your hardworking body, but being pregnant over 35 seems to pose additional challenges. I realized how valuable and critical nutrition is to a growing fetus, the happy pregnancy journey and faster recovery after delivery when I had Makayla in 2012. But now I am really focused on helping moms prep their bodies BEFORE they become pregnant AND DURING pregnancy. I don't subscribe to the belief that "your pregnant, you get a pass to eat whatever you like." I don't know where in history that train of thought started, but it baffles me. Pregnancy is a critical time to provide incredible nutritional support to two (or more) human lives undergoing epic demands. 

A pregnant womans body is being called upon to do miraculous things every second of every day and that precious fetus is going from embryo to full blown thinking, feeling, moving human being. Why on earth should you pile in the processed foods, garbage and pack on massive amounts of weight? Nutritionally Knocked Up will be my social media platform for inspiring mama's to nourish themselves better. The more recipes, ideas, science and education we can share, the better we can knowingly do. Follow NKU on Instagram and check back here for lots of great mom-to-be info! 

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