Immunity Shake for Your Sick Kiddo

I hate seeing my baby girl sick! So, when she returned from a wintery adventure this past weekend and was running a fever I jumped into "fight those invaders mode". The biggest boosts I can give her in my opinion are the following:

1. Bovine Colostrum from pasture fed cows at their first milking. This is HUGE for supplying nutrients and immune system building blocks. Humans and animal mothers producer colostrum before they produce milk after giving birth. This supplies the baby with incredible immunity building properties. Without colostrum infants would be wracked with sickness. Taking colostrum is one of the best ways to increase an immunoglobulin protein called (secretory IgA) sIgA levels in your body. Colostrum will help to balance your immune system, reduce the inflammatory cytokines in your intestines, and even repair the damage that has already been done to your gut in many cases from issues like IBS, Chrons, Autism, Ulcerative colitis and more. The gut is the central hub for fighting off illness. Click Here for more on why you and your family should be making colostrum a regular part of your supplement routine! Click here for the brand I use for myself and family (this comes from the first milking and is more potent than later collected colostrum, I swear by this stuff! I have stayed healthy during pregnancy while surrounded by others with the flu, hand foot and mouth disease and colds and while traveling during the cold winter months). My Immunity Shake recipe below will help get the colostrum into your kiddo. Click here for more info on colostrum.

2. Quality probiotics on an empty stomach daily. Gut bacteria is a big determining factor in our overall health and immune system. Make probiotics a daily must, but try increasing the dosage when sick. If your child is too small to swallow capsules, there are chewable versions in the refrigerator section of most health food stores and from reliable online sources that temperature control their inventory. Click Here for Dino-Dophilus that Makayla uses daily.

3. Staying hydrated - meaning with electrolytes and not just water or sugary juices. Click Here for our favorite simple hydrating recipes. We Love using Nuun tablets for a tasty junk-free hydration option.

4. Sleep! Get that child in bed early! Sleep is where the healing can happen on deeper cellular levels.

5. Calming and restorative bath. Try a warm bath with eucalyptus essential oil and Epsom salts dissolved. The eucalyptus helps with breaking up chest congestion and the Epsom salts help infuse muscle relaxing magnesium and pull out toxins from your wee-ones body. You can pick up a bag of Epsom's at the drug store or try this eucalyptus epsom salt sold as an all in one. For Makayla I turn the lights low and play "Nature Sounds" channel on Pandora as she floats surrounded by love and warmth. Click here to read more about regular epsom salt bath benefits for your entire family.

Here is a nutritious way to get colostrum into your sweet peas system!

Immunity Shake:

⭐️3 tbsp coconut liquid from canned coconut milk that was refrigerated and separated into the cream and the liquid (used the cream to make whipped coconut cream for hot coffee and "kids cocoa coffee" this morning- that recipe will be on too). ⭐️1/3 cup vanilla unsweet almond 🥛 milk (dont give dairy to your child is congested it will add to more mucus formation) ⭐️1 tbsp organic creamy peanut butter or other nut butter ⭐️1 capsule pasture fed, first milking bovine colostrum (take apart the capsule and dump the powder into the blender) This is KEY to boosting immunity!! Don't skip this! ⭐️1/2 scoop Raw Vegan Vanilla protein powder ⭐️optional 2 tsp local raw 🍯 honey or real 🍁 maple syrup ⭐️3 ice cubes


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