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I love doing charitable work (I don't so much like that term though), crafting, creating care packages and the like. I call these types of deeds simply being a good human. I believe as a human and as a human raising children that it is my basic daily duty to instill thoughtfulness, kindness, determination and inspire acts of selflessness in our kids. I have taken to calling this our Good Human Project. When I did a Google search of that name a few blogs and websites popped up, so I am not claiming to own that name, but it is what I call it in our house every day and it is what I say to Makayla, "Todays Good Human Project is..." or "what can we do to be good humans today?" and so on. In an effort to inspire more families to think and just as importantly ACT this way too, I will be posting our acts of humanity and kindness. I would love to have you share yours too! Hop over to my Facebook page to post pics and interact about this topic.

I decided to apply to Adopt A Platoon (AAP) this holiday season in an effort to show support to the courageous and selfless men and women serving overseas. I applaud my daughters school for still saying the pledge (as I am a FIRM BELIEVER IF YOU ARE IN THIS COUNTRY AND BENEFITING DAILY FROM BEING HERE YOU SHOULD GET UP AND SAY THE PLEDGE!) Schools that have banned this make me furious! How dare we not teach our children respect for our country and to be grateful for the privileges and freedoms we have every day. Her class also sings God Bless America in class and it without fail brings me to tears every time, I am a damn proud American! But I digress... back to our act of kindness and craft...

The AAP runs a campaign called Holiday Eagle where you can adopt an individual solider or an entire platoon (about 20 members). My daughters class has 21 students, so platoon is a perfect choice. My idea is to show our love and to teach these 4-6 year olds that is it important to support and appreciate our soldiers I will be doing the following with her class in December.

1. I created a "Dear Hero" one-page that I will take into school and help each child fill out. I crated the form and here is the download if you would like to use it as well. Makayla's example she did this morning is below. I was impressed with her thoughtfulness (total win for this mom! Makes me feel like what I do talk to her about is actually sinking in... don't you just love those moments?!). These are her verbatim answers that I wrote for her (hence me not correcting her grammar on "protectress" I want the service members to really know these are the children words, even if it can't be in their handwriting yet).

2. After the kids do their Dear Hero sheets, they will also each decorate a foam sheet Guardian Angel. I got these at the Dollar Tree. 12 in a pack!

3. Then I will attach a protective prayer I made (here is the download for that fee printable too) to the decorate foam angels.

4. Then those items will go in individual care packages with goodies for each solider in the platoon.

I will update this post on December 15th with some of the works from Mak's class.

I would love for your family or school to start your own soldier support or use the printables I have created to help. Please let me know if you pay it forward! I would love to see pictures or hear stories

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