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Summertime brings it challenges for a lot of families. Parents still have their workload but the kids have a lot more free time and need entertaining. Since Makayla is only 4 1/2 she needs constant engagement. She is extremely energetic and her latest love is DC SuperHero Girls. I had not seen an episode so last Friday I said to my husband, we should look up these Superhero Girls and see if they are a good example or not. It struck me as odd that a vulgar character like Harley Quinn, from the movie Suicide Squad could be turned into a character appropriate for kids. From that my crafty-mom-brain took over and turned into FAMILY SUPERHERO NIGHT! So out I went hitting up Target, Walmart, Michael's Craft store and The Dollar Store for our much needed props. The point of this night was 1) have fun 2) create activities that could engage 2 adults AND a child without anyone getting bored or left out 3) have some laughs... or a lot of laughs 4) get exercise instead of doing something like going for ice cream or just sitting around to watch a movie.

Here is what unfolded: (self admission.... I have a tendency to over do everything... so even one or two of the activities would suffice for one evening and then just hanging and playing as superheros together would still be SUPER fun!).

I linked to what I could find online that matched to what I found in the stores (I do NOT make a commission on any of the items listed within this post. Just linking so you have the examples)

1) T-Shirt Making - For Mak and I , I found black and white Marvel comic t-shirts for coloring on at Michaels and bought fabric markers so we could customize them.

Then I purchased a kid style super girl iron on patch for the back of her t-shirt.

For my hubbie, I got a plain blue shirt for a few bucks and an iron on Captain America patch at Michaels. (The patches at $9.99 were more expensive then the t-shirts ($3.99 and sometimes on sale for $2.50). You could always paint the logos on if you wanted to keep costs down and had acrylic paints on hand)

2) Superhero Cuff Making - used foam drink koozies (0.99 cents each) from Micheals craft store and simply ripped out the bottoms to push our hands through. Then we added red, white and blue felt star stickers from The Dollar Store. Makayla took a marker to her yellow cuffs for further decorating fun.

3) Hero Mask Making (OK, so I bought a hero mask making foam kit to do and then we (aka Makayla) were in such a rush to get to the games we opted not to decorate the masks on this night, but the whole evening was such a hit, we will circle back around to doing it again and actually decorating the masks next time). Here is the HERO MASK KIT we used

3) Avengers Fishing and Team Token Recovery - found this game at Marshalls in the kids toy section, but I saw in on Amazon as well HERE. It had 4 magnetic "gems" each with an Avengers character on it and a fishing pole with a magnetic end. The tokens went in the pool for Mak to attempt to fish them out, but the ones that floated away Makayla jumped in for Operation Hero Team Rescue! (in her Supergirl bathing suit that we already owned... bought at Target)

4 ) Red Laser Maze (aka red party streamers) from the Dollar Store. We used painters tape and the streamers to create a zig zag obstacle course in the hallway that Makayla had to try to crawl, bend, flex and step through to get the tokens (the punched out foam bottoms from the koozies we made into Superhero Cuffs) and recover the VIP (a stuffed animal she loves) from her bedroom and return to home base.

5.) Villain Target Throw - I found a coloring page of Cheetah the Superhero girls villain online, printed it out and had Makayla color her. Then we taped her to the outside of a sliding glass door and had suction cup balls (from The Dollar Store) to throw at her after we did running and dive rolling to get into position to set out sights on the target and throw 3 balls in a row. ( pics only video of this and my hubbie may divorce me if I post him doing a dive roll across the living room floor...ha!)

6) Nerf Guns and Shield Run - We made Mak a shield out of a pizza box (our gluten-free splurge that night) and she ran through the living room as my husband and I shot nerf guns at her shield. She had a blast and got a ton of running in! (Here Arik was trying to defend himself against Wonder Woman (me) and took a perfect shot to the cuff!)

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