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I loved my daughters school this year, but the one thing I noticed with pretty much all children's worksheets and even published books is that they are constantly promoting sweets! It is cupcakes, cookies, icing, popsicles, cupcakes, candy and donuts galore! Why?! How are kids supposed to grow up thinking healthy foods can taste good and should be more top of mind then the sugary little demonic food our society has run a muck with? In an effort to more naturally promote healthy thinking in our home, I have started to create my own learning worksheets. They can be spelling, patterns, site word sentences, you name it...we can start doctoring them up to lead a healthier example instead of fall pray to subliminal messaging of more and more sugar. Over the top? Not really if you start paying attention. Kids are sponges soaking up information and mimicking what they see, read and hear.  Let's start setting a more positive example! 

You can download our Super Lunch Box .pdf for FREE HERE

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