Chia PB Oat Snack Bar

A child doesnt need calories. They need nourishment. This is the time their brains and bodies are doing amazing, miraculous things and they need real ingredients in their body! Making simple homemade snacks instead of store bought processed junk doesnt need to be overwhelming. We went to gymnastics the other day and there was a girl eating a prepackaged Rice Krispie Treat and a bag of popcorn at one table and another girl eating fresh green pepper slices and sliced grilled chicken at the other table. It was the perfect opportunity to have a conversation with Makayla about the difference in fueling choices as they relate to being an energized athlete and how food effects our growing body. We came home and made a healthy chicken, broccoli and green pepper dinner which she actually ate and wanted to show off to my husband that she was eating healthy food. She was proud and the dinner wasnt a struggle as it sometimes can be. Then we created these oat bar snacks for school lunch the next day. 


2 tbsp chia 2 tbsp psyllium husk 2 cups oats 3 tbsp coconut flour 1/2 tsp vanilla powder 2 tbsp hemp seeds 4 tbsp maple syrup 3-4 tbsp water (possibly more if it crumbles)


MIX ALL INGREDIENTS. Mush together with hands and form into a bread loaf pan. Press down for to evenly form into the bottom. Refrigerate until it firms enough to cut into bars. Keep refrigerated to hold together 

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