Tone Your Butt with a Toddler in Tow

It is laughable that I would get to make it to the gym for a "real workout" every day, so I have had to get creative with ways to maintain my health and physique at home. It is also a great opportunity to spend time with my daughter and lead by example, showing her fitness and moving our body every day can be FUN!

Here I used a simple loop resistance band around my thighs and stayed in a squat position as I shuffled around trying to avoid Mak's clutches! It would have been great in the wide open space of backyard too, but we wouldn't have been able to capture it on video. Let me know if you try this by sharing your story on my Facebook page here! it gets your heart pumping and an awesome thigh and butt toning workout.

How do you get creative with your kids?

Send us videos or emails! and we might feature you! Be part of motivating other families too.

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