Life Advice from a Toddler

More More! One of the first signs and words my daughter learned was “more” - kids are not afraid to ask for more of what they want, when they want it. Sometimes as adults we put our needs and wants on the back burner and get too shy to ask for what we truly want. We think people will judge us or worse turn us down and that would be devastating to our ego. Wouldn’t it? But if you asked any truly successful person how they got there. they would tell you they asked the questions others were unwilling to ask, they demanded more from the people around them (and themselves), they asked for things that others hesitated to act on and because of that they got what they wanted more often.

Be unapologetic about an inquisitive nature. Kids want to learn everything around them. They are unbiased sponges ready to devour any golden nugget you can impart on them. As an adult, I have come to learn that the smartest people in the room are the ones asking questions, not the ones monopolizing the conversation.

Find any reason to smile and laugh. My daughter will break out into a run looking back and laughing, waiting for me to chase her or in the middle of dinner she will look up and give a giant face-squishing grin and yell “cheese” as if posing for a photo. She loves to laugh, lives to be entertained and genuinely approaches each day with an open and positive attitude. When do we start to become too stressed and jaded that we forget to smile and laugh at the simple things in life that mean the most? The interactions and feelings that can warm our soul and re-energize us.

Explore what makes you smile. Kids get their hands, feet and mouths are just about any and everything that intrigues them or that can provide them with information about the world they are learning. If they get a good feeling, like a taste or texture, get a positive response from someone around them, they are apt to continue using or exploring that item or event. If as adults we lived with exploration still in our hearts and our actions, I think we would find a lot more happiness in our day to day living. We would find pleasure in simplicity again.

Find good people to look up to, but still be your own person! We learn behaviors, values, manners, drive, ethics, even fashion and so much more from role models. We also learn things we don't like and ways we never want to be by watching others. Find people that you can look up for concrete reasons but never try to turn into them. Take bits and pieces that you find value in and add them to the arsenal of what makes you your best version. Don't lose your individuality and uniqueness, but instead experience growth through positive people.

Experience your food. Color, taste, texture, temperature are explore at each and every meal. It is a full sensory experience that doubles in duty by also nourishing her body. I don’t give her any empty calories. Every food has a purpose and each food she examines and only eats til she is satisfied. She doesn’t use food to cure her boredom, address emotional issues or as a substitute for companionship. Food gives her what she requires on a basic human needs level and is not a source of self-loathing and loss of self-control like so many of us today. When did food become the devil in our adult life? -Causing weight gain, body image issues, misery and health repercussions? Back to basics - eat close to the earth, take your time eating and be choosy with what goes into your mouth. Have standards with what you allow to entire your “temple.”

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