Kids "Coffee"

Every day starts with a cup of blended fat java for me, so of course Makayla wants in on the delicious action. No, I am not pumping her 4 year old body full of caffeine. She is a mitochondrial powerhouse at this age, so the last thing her growing body and altered heart need is a mega jolt of heart pounding caffeine. BUT, you can't quite explain that to a toddler, so you compromise with "Kids Coffee". In our house those two words really mean, healthy fats, two types of muscle building protein and warm delicious vanilla bliss!

Kids Coffee (Simplest Version):

1/3 bottle of vanilla, Organic Valley Protein Drink (ready to drink bottles - we find them at Target & Wholefoods- they make 16g and 28g protein versions)

1 tsp MCT oil (we use XCT Oil by Bulletproof)

2 tsp grassfed butter (Kerry Gold is our fav and found at Target, Publix, Sams Club and other chain stores)

2 tsp collagen protein (Great Lakes or Bulletproof since these brands are from grass-fed cow and maintain good quality and manufacturing practices)

Directions: Warm protein drink on the stove top or briefly in the microwave, pour into a blender. Add all ingredients into the blender. Blend on high until it froths (about 15- 20 seconds). Pour into a fun mug. Add a dash of cinnamon, pumpkin spice or cocoa powder for fun!


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