(Otherwise known as Makayla and Briana)

Makayla is a super awesome toddler... growing, running, playing, eating, learning, exploring, laughing and loving at record speed. See her today and you would never guess that at just six days old she had open-heart surgery to save her life and that every 6 months she sees a cardiologist to monitor her aortic valve. As a mom, I was devastated and terrified but beyond thankful for her to be alive; yet more than confused on "what next". As a Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach and body makeover expert for global TV, I decided my training needed to extend beyond adult weight loss and that my child's special condition was a sign I needed to help all children and their parents learn to live healthier, happier, more fit and appreciative lives no matter our current health or lifestyle habits. But bare with us as it is also an ongoing learning process on our end too!  Time, family and health are all precious and to squander any of the three is a real shame! We left the hospital a few weeks after Makayla's heart repair with no direction on how to raise a healthy "heart baby" (4 years later, I still cringe at that label). The other issue in the hospital was that in order to do painful procedures on an infant, they often give the baby a sponge dipped in sucrose to suck on and that intense sweetness calms them. So while her heart rate would immediately come down, which was needed during stressful testing, poking and prodding, I am convinced that it forever altered her brain chemistry as it relates to her desire for sugar. I need to be very careful not to feed into her "need" for sweet as a comfort mechanism. What I soon realized is that Mak isn't just a leader for heart babies, she needs and wants to be a leader for all children who deserve to learn healthy habits early in life.

Our goal is to help families in a fun, yummy and entertaining way do better with instilling healthy eating and activity habits early on in life to set our children up for success throughout childhood and as adults. To give our children a fighting chance against the odds of obesity and preventable disease. 

This blog is devoted to upgraded yummy recipes (growing body and kid-approved!), food facts, healthy living anecdotes, kids' fitness and some crafting and fun along the way! You don't need to be boring and strict to live well. Join Mak + Mommy to start implementing practical healthy habits in your family! 

NEW in 2020!!! Mama B has gotten back to her art roots and started creating family-friendly paintings of whimsical animals and turning them into useful, smile-worthy products for your entire family to enjoy. Be sure to check out our shop with goodies like poster and canvas prints, totes, iPhone cases, laptop sleeves, t-shirts from baby to mom, swimsuits and more!


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